Diabetisource AC Enteral Nutrition Formula CASE

DIABETISOURCE AC formula by Nestle Nutrition is an advanced-control tube feeding designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of patients with diabetes and stress-induced hyperglycemia. DIABETISOURCE AC also delivers a unique combination of ingredients designed to help improve insulin sensitivity and may reduce diabetes-associated tissue damage. It has a unique blend of Benefiber® soluble fiber and fructo-oligosaccarides to help promote good digestive health.


DIABETISOURCE AC formula is a Medical Food - consumers should consult with their physician on the use of this product.


Caloric Distribution:

  • Protein: 20% (Soy Protein, L-Arginine)
  • Carbohydrate: 36% (Corn Syrup, Fructose, Tapioca Dextrin, Vegetables, Fruits)
  • Fat: 44% (Canola Oil, Menhaden Oil)
  • Caloric Density: 1.2 cal/mL (300 calories/250ml can)
  • NPC:N Ratio: 95:1
  • n-6:n-3 Ratio: 1.96:1
  • Water Content: 818 mL/1000 mL
  • Osmolality: 450 mOsm/kg water
  • 100% RDI: 1250 mL (with the exception of chloride)
  • Supplemental L-Arginine: 3.2 g/1000 mL
  • Fiber Content (Source): 15 g/1000 mL (FOS, BENEFIBER soluble fiber, soy fiber, vegetables, fruits)
  • Protected by U Microbial Inhibitor


  • Cases of 24 - 250 mL cans
  • 6 - 1000 mL Closed System containers
  • 6 - 1500 mL Closed System containers.
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