Elephant Ear Cleaner / Washer

The Elephant Ear Washer is a simple, yet practical, spray bottle device provides you with the water pressure you need to thoroughly clean your loved one's ears, in less time than ever before; with no noise or mess, and it holds enough fluid to clean BOTH ears without refilling! The plastic SPLASH SHIELD prevents backwash, and along with the ear basin (sold separately) keeps YOU and your loved one from becoming SOAKED!


Attention Physicians and Nursing staff: Have you ever sent a patient to the pharmacy to purchase an ear washing "kit" instead of cleaning the patient's ears yourself? Do you dread doing ear washing in the office because Water Piks are too noisy and messy; metal loops are dangerous and syringes are outdated and require constant refilling, and don't provide enough water pressure to do the job? If so, you'll be thrilled to know you can now increase patient satisfaction with THE ELEPHANT EAR WASHER!!!! Available by Special Order.



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