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December 21st, 2012

Below are responses we received from The 2012 Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Comments, reflecting 'in their own words' how and where we have met and/or exceeded our Customers' expectations:
+ You are both experienced and knowledgeable with products to use
+ Our needs and expectations have been more than met
+ Deliveries are efficient
+ Our lives have been made easier with your products
+ The purchase, payment and shipment process is so convenient
+ We love your attentiveness and the personal connection when we have called with questions
+ You have gone above and beyond with selection and helping us get what we need
+ Your company and its staff are ‘very kosher’, congenial and kind.
+ You are always a pleasure to deal with.
+ It makes me happy to know that your staff like the work they do
+ Your staff are very courteous and followed up to make sure we were happy with the product and purchase process
+ You are ”on top of things”
+ Other companies don’t even come close to your quality, product offerings and Customer Service

Admin from Roseville, Minnesota - United States
September 8th, 2009

You guys rock. You are so friendly all the time. You let us know how and when we will get our delivery. They arrive right on time when we expect them. It is so easy for us doing business with you. What more could anyone ask for nowadays? Really? The Customer Service you provide us is absolutely outstanding! That's why we keep getting all our supplies from you. Thanks!!!

Janet from Saint Paul, Minnesota
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