Boost Plus Drink 8oz. Tetra Paks 27/Case

BOOST PLUS® is an excellent nutritional beverage providing high calorie and high protein.  Now manufactured in a Tetra Pak container with 27 TetraPaks per Case!!!  Easy To Open.  Easy To Store.  Easy To dispose!

With 50% more calories and 40% more protein than regular BOOST® Nutritional Energy Drink, it works as a meal itself when eating a full meal is difficult or it can enhance a healthy and balanced diet as an energy-packed snack. When you're well-nourished, you're filled with energy to easily meet the demands of critical illness. And good nourishment is what BOOST® Plus provides, with 26 vitamins and minerals plus extra protein and calories to help you maintain weight or simply keep you going strong. Available as well in other flavors of Vanilla and Strawberry.

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