Enteral Feeding Sets

The administration of tube feeding may be done with one of three types of Enteral feeding kits:

  • Pump
  • Gravity or
  • Bolus/Syringe. 

A pump feeding set may only be used with an enteral feeding pump: stationary or portable models. 

During times of emergencies, a pump feeding set may be used with gravity. 

A gravity feeding set and/or bolus/syringe feeding set may not be used with an enteral feeding pump. 

SOME PUMPS MAY USE ONLY CERTAIN TYPE OF FEEDING SETS, WHICH MAKES IT A PROPRIETARY FEEDING SYSTEM, i.e. feeding sets may not be interchangeable between manufacturers' product lines. Make sure the product you select is compatable with the pump you may be using. 

Gravity feeding sets require an I.V. pole to be used.  Stationary enteral feeding pumps also require an I.V. pole.

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