Dukal Adhesive Hypoallergenic Sterile 1/4" WIDE Wound Skin Closures BOX


The Dukal Wound Closure Strips (Comparable to Steri-Strip and CURI-STRIP™) make an excellent alternative for sutures or staples. Each DUKAL Quality strip consists of thin, reinforced non-woven fibers that provide incision support to maintain closure. This adhesive backed product is translucent and breathable.


The wound closure strips help minimize premature ""pop-off"" and formation of stress blisters. The strips have highly porous backing for increased oxygen exposure, a necessity for skin regeneration and healthy healing. The superior moisture vapor transmission helps prevent skin maceration.  Available in two sizes by the box of:

  • Each strip is 1/4" x 3": 50 packages of 3 strips/pkg., for a total of 150 skin closure strips/Box, and
  • Each strip is 1/4" x 1-1/2": 50 packages of 6 strips/pkg., for a total of 300 skin closure strips/Box



  • Surgical incision closure
  • Small skin tears
  • Small breaks in the skin
  • Wound reinforcement after suture or staple removal



  • Be sure that the adhesive strip has enough room to stick on both sides of the wound .
  • Should be placed on clean and dry skin perpendicular to the length of the wound.


Features and Benefits




Minimal user skin irritation.

Conformable spun-bound nylon backing

Allows increased freedom of movement, and helps minimize premature pop-off or formation of stress blisters.

Highly microporous backing

Helps increased wound exposure to oxygen.

Superior moisture vapor transmission

Minimal skin maceration.

Curl resistance after packaging removal

Facilitates easy application.

Unique adhesive formula

Keeps wound closed with movement, stretching, and skin expansion.


Warnings:  The safety and effectiveness of Dukal Adhesive Wound Closures has not been established on burn patients.

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