KANGAROO™ Enteral Feeding Gravity Sets EACH

KANGAROO™ Enteral Feeding Gravity Sets are available in:

  • Large bore, 1000ml and with a proximal spike
  • Sterile and Non-Sterile
  • DEHP-Free Formulation for user safety


KANGAROO™ Enteral Feeding Gravity Sets are to be used in the absence of an enteral feeding pump. These gravity feeding sets have a large EASY-CAP™ Opening which makes it very easy to pour liquid enteral nutrition into the set without spillage. The non-I.V. Compatible Connector ensures their use is for enteral feeding only.



FAQ: When is a Gravity Feeding Set Used? Gravity feeding sets are used when an individual has adequate gastric motility to tolerate a bolus feed. They are also used when no enteral feeding pump is available.



PRODUCT ORDER INFORMATION: Available in the following styles and packaging quantities:


  • 702520 = KANGAROO™ 1000mL DEHP-Free Gravity Set EASY-CAP™ Opening, Non-sterile, with 30 sets/case
  • 702505 = KANGAROO™ Large Bore Gravity Set, Non- sterile, with 30 sets/case
  • 702605 = KANGAROO™ Intermittent Feeding Set with Proximal Spike and Pre-attached Gravity Set, Non-sterile, with 30 sets/case
  • 8884702500 = KANGAROO™ 1000mL Gravity Bag, Non-sterile, with 30 sets/case
  • 8884712300 = KANGAROO™ 1000mL Gravity Bag, Sterile, individually packaged with 24 sets/case.
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