Husky 830 Food Surface Sanitizer RTU 32 ounce Quart 12/Case CASE

Husky's FOOD SERVICE SANITIZER, Ready-To-Use is the perfect alternative for CIP (clean in place) equipment requiring quaternary based, no rinse sanitizer. This unique, ready-to-use formula provides 350 ppm quaternary compound. Unlike concentrated sanitizers which require you to “mix fresh solution daily”, this formula provides ”mix-free” use and reduction of wasted product. Excellent for use in food service, day care, schools, universities, industries, and healthcare settings requiring HACCP compliance. RTU feature provides assurance of proper ppm quat without chemical mixing.


FORMULA FEATURES: • Perfect for clean in place equipment • No chemical mixing • Approved for food contact surfaces • No “Guess Work” • 350 ppm quaternary solution • HACCP compliant • No more “mix fresh solution daily”


APPLICATIONS *READY TO USE: • Recommended for the sanitization of food contact surfaces, processing equipment and other surfaces in food processing locations without potable water rinse or chemical mixing.


AREAS OF UTILIZATION: • Day Care • Schools • Fitness Facilities • Food Processing Plants • Restaurants • Cafeterias • Institutions • Hospitals • Nursing Homes • Manufacturing Facilities





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