CORRECTIVE CONCEPTS by Pattee Products Inc.

Corrective Concept by Pattee Products Inc has been available for individuals with traumatized and compromised skin conditions, including burn victims, since 1977.  Pat Patrek Henderson suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to her face, neck and both arms and back after a tragic home fire in 1974.  Out of her burn center recovery she recognized that most skin care products currently available in retail settings are totally inappropriate for traumatized and compromised skin. Her 3 year research with cosmetic chemists and medical professionals produced these specially-formulated natural, botanically-enriched corrective skin care products.

Traumatized skin requires CONSTANT CORRECTIVE CLEANSING, MOISTURIZING, AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. The Corrective Concepts skin care program greatly improves the condition of your skin.  There are four basic requirements for an effective skin care program:

1. Proper cleansing
2. Maintaining proper pH balance of the skin
3. Daily moisturizing

4. Skin protection.  Even oil-rich skin requires light protective moisturizing as well as thorough cleansing.

These highly-effective products contain natural botanical ingredients such as Aloe Vera, seed oils, vegetable oils, vitamins, essential fatty acids and some products contain Liposomes. The Enhanced Super-Rich and the Ultra Lipo-Hydrator contain Titanium Dioxide which is known for its effective sun- blocking ability.

Because of their effective ingredients and rich formulations, you do not need as much product to achieve the same results as those typically found in most retail stores.  This makes the Corrective Concept products a natural, value-based program to use each and every day.


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