Catheter Insertion Tray Sterile 30cc

Sterile catheter insertion trays that are used with the insertion of an indwelling or straight catheter for emptying the bladder of urine. These trays are available in different packaging types to meet your individualized needs. These catheter insertion trays include a bulb-style syringe rather than the piston style syringe. Bulb-style syringes are easier to work with if you or your loved one have difficulty with hand dexterity or the strength in your hand and/or forearm is weak, i.e. easier to squeeze the bulb and draw up irrigating solution rather than using both hands to pull a plunger in a standard piston style syringe. Tray contents will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Call us to talk about your special needs so we may match you with the right product for you and/or your loved one!

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