Lubricating Jelly

Lubricating jelly is a water-based, water soluble personal lubricant primarily used in medicine for many procedures that involve insertion of an instrument or fingers into a small or narrow body cavity or past a muscular sphincter, including various small forms of intubation, nasal cavity inspection, endoscopy, and direct digital examinations (e.g., digital rectal examinations).



  • Depending upon the manufacturer, some products may not contain additives, such as chlorhexidine-gluconate (CHG)
  • Lubricates orifices, preventing friction that can tear delicate tissue
  • Water soluble (for easy clean-up)
  • Non-staining; non-greasy
  • Leaves no tacky residue

PRODUCT ORDER INFORMATION: Sterile Lubricating Jelly is available in the following packaging and order quantities:

  • 2 oz. tube, individually and by 12/box, 6 boxes/case
  • 4 oz. tube, individually and by 12/box, 6 boxes/case;
  • 5 gram tube, 144/box and by 4 boxes/case
  • 3 gram packets, 144/box and by 12 boxes/case
  • 5 gram packets, 72/box and by 12 boxes/ case
  • 4 oz. recyclable bottle with flip top, individually and by 12/case.
  • (details)


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