JAWS Deep Scrub Multi-Purpose Cleaner Pouch 88/Case CASE



JAWS Deep Scrub Multi-Purpose Cleaner provides outstanding deep scrub performance. Highly concentrated. Totally free of harsh alkali, solvents, ammonia, and abrasives. One pouch yields 4 gallons of Ready-To-Use product. Pleasant citrus fragrance.



Synthetic multi-purpose detergent complex for all surfaces not harmed by water. Delivers quick wetting action with controlled suds. Non-butyl. Hassle free point-of-clean proportioning. No mechanical mixing. USDA A4. Portion pouch saves steps, time, and money. pH 11.2  REQUIRES A SPECIFIC JAWS EMPTY BOTTLE WITH INITIAL PURCHASE TO MIX AND USE, SOLD UNDER ANOTHER PRODUCT LISTING.




Formula Features

• Hassle-Free Point-of-Clean Proportioning - No mechanical mixing

• Excellent Deep Scrub Floor Cleaner

• Cleans Tough Soils • Safe on Variety of Surfaces

• Economical • No Solvents or Harsh Alkali

• Pleasant Citrus Fragrance


Applications *Concentrated

• Dilute 1 Portion Pouch per 4 gallons of water

• Recommended for deep scrub & recoat processes and regular cleaning of any surface not harmed by water.


Areas Of Utilization

• Schools/Universities • Hospitals/Nursing Homes • Child Care /Day Care

• Office Buildings • Convenience Stores • Institutions

• Grocery Stores • Department Stores • Restaurants

• Hotels • Manufacturing Facilities • Auto Detail Shops

• Prisons





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