Omnifix® Retention Tape INDIVIDUAL ROLL BOXED

Omnifix® Retention Tape is made from a soft, non-woven flexible fabric coated with a non-sensitizing latex-free acrylic adhesive. The strong adhesive stays secure through damp conditions such as sweat and light rain. Omnifix® is ideal for individuals and athletes with hypersensitive skin and a tendency toward skin allergies. Soft and supple, Omnifix® is easy to apply even on the most difficult-to-tape areas. Omnifix® conforms well to body contours and will not restrict movement. Its release-paper backing is wave slit to improve speed and ease of application.

  • Latex-free, individually boxed
  • Soft, non-woven material
  • Strong adhesive that stays secure even in damp conditions
  • Air and water vapor permeable
  • Does not absorb X-rays
  • Wave slit paper backing for easy application
  • Ideal for preventing turf burns and skin abrasions



Available by individual rolls in the following sizes:


► #36210000  2" x 10 yard roll  [24 rolls/Case]

► #36410000  4"  x10 yard roll  [12 rolls/Case]



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