JAWS Neutral Disinfectant Damp Mop 4 ounce Pouch 88/Case

JAWS Neutral Disinfectant Damp Mop is a broad spectrum quaternary- based germicidal cleaner with a high dilution formulation for maximum efficiency. ARB (Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria). Safe on a wide variety of hard surfaces and proven to be an effective bactericide, fungicide, mildewstat, virucide, and sanitizer. Testing in accordance with AOAC shows this product to be a hospital-grade disinfectant effective in the presence of 5% serum contamination vs. many gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria including VRE & MRSA. One pouch yields 4 gallons of Ready-To-Use product. Hassle free point-of-clean proportioning. No mechanical mixing. Portion pouch saves steps, time, and money. pH 7.0   88 pouches/Case.  REQUIRES A SPECIFIC JAWS EMPTY BOTTLE WITH INITIAL PURCHASE TO MIX AND USE, SOLD UNDER ANOTHER PRODUCT LISTING.



Formula Features

• Hassle-Free Point-of-Clean Proportioning - No mechanical mixing

• Super Concentrated • Broad Spectrum Disinfection

• One-Step Cleaner Disinfectant • Cleans Tough Soils

• Pleasant Fresh Fragrance



Applications *Concentrated

• Dilute 1 Portion Pouch per 4 gallons of water

• Recommended for use for a majority of mop bucket or scrubber related housekeeping tasks to disinfect and sanitize hard surfaces while greatly reducing the risk of cross contamination. Neutral pH at use dilution.



Areas Of Utilization

• Nursing Homes • Convenience Stores • Hotels • Prisons

• Institutions • Offices • Schools • Swimming Pool Facilities

• Restaurants • Food Processing Plants • Child Care/Day Care

• Fitness Facilities • Locker Rooms/Shower Rooms






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