Mefix® Self-Adhesive Fabric Roll Tape EACH

Mefix® Self-adhesive fabric tape secures gauze, tubes, cannulas, dressings and drainage devices, even to awkward areas of the body. Porous and non-absorbing fabric minimizes fluid strike-through. Air and moisture-vapor permeable, and a mild, non-irritating adhesive layer allows the skin to breathe.


This fabric tape needs to be cut with scissors. Mefix® is available in a range of widths and is sometimes referred to as a `dressing retention sheet'. Because the fabric tape is permeable to water vapor, it is unlikely to cause tissue maceration or be adversely affected by sweating. As both the fabric and the adhesive mass are radio-transparent, Mefix® does not have to be removed if being x-rayed.


It is particularly useful for retaining dressings on the sacral region in the management of decubitus ulcers. Mefix®, like other dressing retention sheets, can also be used to produce island dressings with absorbent pads or hydrogel sheets and probably represents the best method for applying these types of product.


As the tape is coated with an acrylic adhesive system, it may generally be used for anyone who has had an adverse reaction to adhesives based upon rubber or resin. The polyester fabric is very `wear-resistant': once applied, it may be left in position for prolonged periods, if required.


Mefix® should not be applied to those who are known to be sensitive to acrylic adhesives or to individuals who have very fragile or easily damaged skin. Care should be taken to ensure that Mefix is not applied under tension, to prevent shearing forces causing damage to the skin.


As with any other adhesive products, Mefix® should be stored in a cool dry place, and not subjected to extremes of temperature or humidity.


Product Attributes:

  • Stretchable, comfortable fabric backing provides barrier to blood and fluid
  • Pre-measured release paper allows for convenient measurement/cutting
  • May be applied over flexing areas such as neck, elbows, knees


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