Abdominal Binder 9" Three-Paneled 45/46" - 62" Hook n Loop closures EACH

Abdominal Binders provide full, all-around compression to help support strains and weakness of the back, abdominal and rib cage areas.


Latex-free, versatile product used for extra abdominal, trunk, back or rib support. The 9" wide Abdominal binder conforms to body contour for support and proper compression, securing abdominal or back dressings, or after surgery tubes. The binder offers soft plush absorbent lining for body comfort. Easy to secure and adjust with Velcro closure. Has comfortable three-panel section of the binder that conforms easily and help to prevent rolling.


Abdominal Binders are available in small, medium and large, in both 9-inch and 12-inch widths, so individual users can be fitted comfortably.


This product is a Medium, 9-inch wide, 3-panel binder that stretches from 45/46 inches to 62 inches.





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